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$89 Kit
KY-8900 Dual Band

$199 Kit
FT-1907 UHF

Rack of Retreat Radios


Organized Retreat Radios
(Holidays, Outings, Beach House)
GMRS / Ham Options
by Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN

I'm helping a lady friend modernizing a two story 100+ years old ex corner grocery store with canopies over the sidewalks she inherited. Place is 3,500sq. ft., upstairs has five bedrooms. Kitchen, dinning, gallery and meeting rooms down and large owner / manager quarters. Three and 1/2 baths. 


It's being upgraded with all new floors, walls, big electric project with new 200 amp service with 42 space load center, adding 16 dedicated circuits for A/C, heat, appliances requiring same.


Consensus seems to indicate this property, which is a couple of blocks from the beach and the Galveston Pleasure Pier will probably be utilized as a family, corporate or institutional retreat or B&B capable of putting up eight adults or a adult / children mix of sixteen, based on configuration.


Of course, seems the cellular smart phone industry keeps providing them to younger and younger - - - -


But, this page is about two way radio base station arrangement utilizing GMRS mobile radio kit with power supply attached to the kit base.


Putt-Putt Kit

This $89 set assembled on a plywood base, from scrap wood, with 12 v. six amp Samlex Mean Well power supply and a new QTY KT-8900 UHF 5? / 25 watt radio attached to the base. Programmed with borrowed RT System program and cable for the GMRS channels 1 through 7 and 15 through 22 for use, leaving the 8 through 14  FRS 1/2 watt only and rubber ducky only channels marked or missing as they can't legally be used by a base station arrangement like this, Uhhh - - - ? - Uh Huh.


Stairs to the floored attic and the attic that opens to a small veranda that seems for watching out to the Gulf, for Pirates?. If opposition not forthcoming will mount 42" 6 db gain fiberglass encased antenna on 15 ft. mast, got-a legalize this, huh? Opposition? Mount it high in the attic. Coax to the common gallery traffic area / food service area across the shotgun 100+ year old hall from the large old grocery store entrance room (flexibility.) Base station and drop in charging rack with 12 or 24 hour auto-off circuit for six Motorola GMRS premium HTs


Rack of Radios
So many GMRS UHF radios to chose from. Over the years we have utilized and tested almost all of them. Motorola and  Midland we suggest most often. The Motorola utilizes up to 20 efferent ring tones for call signaling plus a separate and innovative emergency signaling alert system. Many UHF HTs out of Pacific rim work well too. Inside the base are transformers for the three double drop ins and five amp push-reset circuit breaker. Sylvania programmable 1 hour to 24 hour off delay device to avoid over charging. Three AC receptacle outlets on rear of base for other charger devices.
See later battery technology


Base channels 1 through 22 utilize matching radio memory numbers. But, with 200 total channel memories may just add all the Houston - Galveston area UHF repeater channels, huh? And keep a listing close by.

Experimenting with a feature rich simplex repeater controller for possible utilization with this inexpensive putt-putt Retreat Radio system.


Then again, this is a dual band radio. Uhhh - - -could opt for a dual band antenna in the attic and add all the VHF Houston - Galveston area repeaters also.



Other Kits Pictured

Yaesu FT-1907 UHF. This one available from Hong Kong, not normally sold in the USA. It has power setting that can be utilized for more legal GMRS operations. A power setting adjustment button on front, 5W, (for channels 1 through 7), 10W, 25W and 55W. We have had these units in operation at WIA for years.

Yaesu FT-7900 VHF & UHF. Available in the USA but, I believe the units from Honk cong have universal programming, you chose frequencies. Also has controlable

A power setting adjustment button on front, 5W, (for GMRS channels 1 through 7), 10W, 20W and 45W UHF. For VHF it's 5W, 10W, 20W and 50W.



Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN
President and Founder
Wireless Industry Association
713 467-0077

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