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FS: DRAKE AC4 Supply

Category: Power Supplies (PSX)  
From: AF4K  
Email: af4k@hotmail.com  
Phone: 321-262-5471  
Date: 12/16/2015  


FOR SALE: DRAKE AC4 Power Supply

Super nice condition. For use with the 4-line radios, such as TR3, TR4, T4X / T4XB / T4XC etc.
Complete with cables. Requires only 120V AC and also has external speaker connector. Can be used stand alone or mount inside the MS4 external speaker etc.

Additional information and photos are at:

AVAILABLE for $125.00 plus shipping.

Please contact via e-mail:
af4k AT hotmail DOT com

73 from AF4K - Bry Carling