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For sale Yamaha mixer ls9-32 console

Category: Amplifier, HF (AHF)  
From: multi00  
Email: multi.techmusical@gmail.com  
Phone: 908-991-6338  
Date: 12/30/2015  


• 32 top-performance recallable head amplifiers deliver mic and line sources with stunning presence and realism
• An additional 32 channels available via the Mini-YGDAI expansion slots (external preamps and optional Mini-YGDAI interface cards needed)
• 4 stereo input channels
• An extensive range of channel functions
• Versatile bus architecture with comprehensive digital patching capability
• Virtual GEQ and effect rack
• Built-in USB Memory Recorder/Player
• Full-console scene Store and Recall
• Ready to use out of the box with pre-patched effects and pre-fader aux mixes for monitor sends
• Compact size: 34.8” x 8.66” x 19.75” (884 x 220 x 500mm) 43 lbs (19.4kg)