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pcb for sale , for qrp experiments homebrew

Category: Miscellaneous (MSX)  
From: vu3sxn  
Email: vu3sxn@gmail.com  
Phone: +918871250335  
Date: 6/2/2016  


pcb for sale , for qrp experiments or homebrew , newly design RF - DEAD BUG UGLY STYLE PCB's..
especially made for working on SMD designs using regular through hole components,

material -- good quality Paper Phenolic Pcb and also available glass epoxy pcb
the copper pads are tinned so soldering on them is extremely easy, no corrosion .
these pcb are ideal for experimenting with different designs and components, as they can be mounted directly to any surface and are easy to apply on any design of circuit..

size 1 -- 5 by 5cm square

size 2 -- 5 by 10cm rectangle

cost is very cheap,
for paper phenolic material pcb

cost for size 1 -- 4pieces/per US dollar
Cost for size 2 -- 2pieces/per US dollar

Minimum order quantity is for dollar 10$.
for glass epoxy material pcb,

Cost for size 1 -- 2pieces/per US dollar
Cost for size 2 -- 1pieces/per US dollar

Minimum order quantity is for dollar 10$.

International shipping is no problem, i will ship anywhere
will ship with registered post.
Shipping charges are additional.

i prefer paypal..
email -- vu3sxn@gmail.com

already sold these pcb to more than 240 different fellow ham radio operators.
here check out the pictures of pcb's --
link -- http://www.flickr.com/photos/32288537@N07/
watch the video on you tube link -