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4 in 1 Morse code CW Apps package for Android

Category: Miscellaneous (MSX)  
From: KG9E  
Email: nick@kg9e.net  
Date: 7/11/2016  


Four Morse code ham amateur radio apps in one.
1) Practice sending code with an iambic auto key. Settings include WPM, CW weight ratio, reverse paddles, show/hide Morse code/text, choose sidetone 400Hz-800Hz.

2) Practice sending code with a straight key. Settings include WPM, show/hide Morse code/text, choose sidetone 400Hz-800Hz. Adjust the WPM so that you can produce well formed DITs and DAHs at a comfortable speed.

3) Learn to copy and send Morse code with the Koch trainer. Forget about DITs and DAHs at 5 WPM and start copying Morse code at 20 WPM. Very efficient method for learning code. Adjustments include WPM and playback speed, and set word length 1-10 characters..

4) Morse code flash sounder- type or speak some text and this app will translate it into Morse code! Set the WPM from very slow to very fast.

If you find any bugs or want any features, please contact me.

Good for beginning ham amateur CW radio operators, Morse code and telegraph enthusiasts. Place your device in portrait mode flat on the table and you have a comfortable software CW practice key, trainer and translator!?

Available on Amazon Appstore:

or Google Play: