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FT-1000D $1000

Category: Tranceivers, HF (THF)  
From: KZ4USA  
Email: videorov@verizon.net  
Phone: 941-567-0115  
Date: 12/8/2016  


Drives the BIG amps real nice.
Lots of radio for the money. Many contest stations love them.
Very nice clean working FT-1000D up for sale. Has many of the mods done to it. Have Manual too. Rcvr Mod,Keyclick and noiseblanker mod,Inrad roofing Filter Mod. It has to be picked up only, its to heavy to ship. Up to 200watts output. Also has BFP-1 bandpass filter installed in back.
Two receivers built in and nice for chasing DX.
Has issue with 15 meter and 17 meter band switch till its warms up for 5 mins. All other bands no problems. Someone might know what
cause that on 15 and 17. Its no big deal for me since it works fine after warmed up.
Bradenton, Fla 941-567-0115