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"Best Product Reviews Ever"
After several years operation of the Ham Radio Market Reviews and Articles feature, our product reviews have earned "best product reviews ever" in Amateur Radio. Indeed, many older Amateur Radio webs are gearing up to copy the look, feel, and style of our Product Reviews. Thanks for your many email messages and generous comments.
Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN

The Ham Radio Market is an Internet web board focused on equipment and "Ham Radio Stuff".  It is operated as a public service for the Ham Radio community by the Wireless Industry Association. At the Wireless Industry Association we don't buy or sell anything, we bring together those that do. The purpose is evident in the name and to any browser after spending a few minutes at the Market. 

Each ad or message is related to Ham Radio Market purposes.  This focused web board is for the exclusive use of Hams, Ham Radio Dealers, Ham wanta-a-bees, collectors, distributors, brokers and others to seek, find, buy and sell Ham Radio products, equipment and "Ham Radio Stuff". We encourage all in the Ham Radio community, including Ham Equipment Dealers, Distributors and their employees, to post ads and messages about promos, specials, new and used items with detail, prices and URLs to their facility or web pages.

Not permitted: personal ads or messages, chat, forum activities, broadcasting or similar activities. Responses to any ad or message can be communicated direct to those posting the ad or message. Posting of news, announcements, reactions, responses or comments to ads or messages is not permitted. Ham Radio Market is not a forum. It's seek, find, buy and sell Ham Radio stuff.

Buy, Sell, Seek, Find.

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